A Magic Touch provides professional onsite corporate chair massage therapy services to businesses of every size and type in and around the greater Las Vegas, Henderson, Sumerlin and Clark County areas

Las Vegas is one of the most fertile economic environments for business ventures of any shape and size. Its booming service industry, coupled with the massive amount of tourism it annually receives, equals corporate success and prosperity. Your business loves Las Vegas, and we absolutely love working with business of all shapes and sizes to schedule on-site corporate chair massage services for events, meetings, or even as a well deserved reward for employees or customers. In addition to being an enormously valuable relaxation tool, Corporate Chair Massage 2corporate chair massage can also be an entirely effective rehabilitation tool as well. If you are a business owner, employer or employee in or around the Las Vega, Nevada area, then we can and want to work with you too!

According to The American Journal of Epidemiology, 86% of the American workforce spends approximately 7.7 hours per day sitting down. Whether being seated, or else just in a postural position that inhibits the natural, dynamic and fluidly flexible movement patterns native to the human body, extended periods of inactivity have been clinically proven to increase incidents of mental, emotional and physical ailments or illnesses.Corporate Chair Massage 3 This translates to decreased employee morale, not to mention decreased productivity and efficiency for your business. Combat this decrease while increasing morale, health and wellness—by  demonstrating employee appreciation with an on-site corporate chair massage event!

These events work especially well in a public setting, because clients can remain fully clothed. And since each individual chair session only lasts for 10-30 minutes, it is ideal for sharing the minimum 1 hour scheduled time per mobile therapist. Within that hour, you can have between 4-6 of your deserving employees pampered. The chairs our therapists bring are small, unobtrusive, and can fit in an out-of-the-way area like a corner, conference room, or even a cubicle.

On-site services are perfect for a company party, during the lunch break of an all-day meeting, during the holiday rush, or just as a thoughtful ‘Thank You’ for a job well done. These events will lift morale, energize your staff, increase productivity, relieve stress, and contribute to overall good health and wellbeing. And think of this: What better way to increase traffic and customer loyalty/appreciation for any goods or service-based retail business, than by hosting an event for incoming customers as well as hardworking staff members?

How Do I Schedule An Event?

If you reside in or around the Las Vegas, Nevada area, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about on-site corporate events—as well as to ask about regularly scheduled on-site Corporate Chair Massage 1sessions that can work around your employee’s hectic schedules. These simple, on-site sessions can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or just for special events such as holiday parties. We can provide the signup sheet, and please remember that a minimum one hour session per therapist must be guaranteed.

Our large, highly experienced, professional and courteous staff of mobile therapists love to work with your staff and customers alike. And with our large staff of able bodied therapists, we can accommodate businesses of all sizes. Trust the experts at A Magic Touch to help facilitate an event you and your employees, customers, and every other guest will never, ever forget!

Please contact us with any questions you might have, as well as to schedule your therapeutic session, at 702-981-0815. We look forward to providing you with excellent customer service, as well as professional proficiency that will leave you relaxed, rehabilitated, and of course putty in our therapists’ magic hands!